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The “Taketime  Spiritual Meditations” app is now available for Android phones at Play Store

(IOS app for iPhones available soon)

Taketime Meditations – a new meditation added every Monday

If your Church or organisation would like to know more about  Taketime Group leadership Training,

contact us at info@taketime.org.uk

Listed below are featured meditations from our Journey and Themed sections

Latest Journey Meditations

115. A blind man receives sight

Luke chapter 18, verses 31-43

114. Attachment to wealth

Luke chapter 18 verses 18-30

113. The humble will be exalted

Luke chapter 19, verses 9-16

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Themed Meditations on Rejection

111. The coming of the Kingdom of God

Luke chapter 17, verses 20-37

101 A narrow door

Luke chapter 13, verses 22-35

86. Sending out the 72

Luke chapter 10, verses 1-12

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