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Next Training Day for Churches interested in running Taketime Together Groups, is at Loughborough on 6th October.

Don’t miss the Taketime “Takeaway” tent at Greenbelt

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For more information contact info@taketime.org.uk

A new meditation added every Monday

Listed below are featured meditations from our Journey and Themed sections

Latest Journey Meditations

85. A follower’s priorities

Luke chapter 9, verses 57-62

84. No vengeance

Luke chapter 9, verses 51-55

83. Who’s the greatest

Luke chapter 9, verses 44-48

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Themed Meditations on Rejection

84. No vengeance

Luke chapter 9, verses 51-55

69. Reaction to John & Jesus

Luke chapter 7, verses 24-35

54. Rejected in Nazareth

Luke chapter 4, verses 14-30

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