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 New Taketime Together Groups are now running at Tanyard Barn Community Centre, Horley RH6 9TA 

and Redhill Methodist Church, Gloucester Rd, RH1 1BP 

Contact info@taketime.org.uk for more info

A new meditation added every Monday

Listed below are featured meditations from our Journey and Themed sections

Latest Journey Meditations

72. The story of a farmer

Luke chapter 8, verses 4-15

71. The women who helped Jesus

Luke chapter 8, verses 1-3

70. Anointed by a forgiven woman

Luke chapter 7, verses 36-50

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Themed Meditations on Rejection

69. Reaction to John & Jesus

Luke chapter 7, verses 24-35

54. Rejected in Nazareth

Luke chapter 4, verses 14-30

49. Gethsemane

Mark chapter 14 verses 27-40

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