Taketime offers 240 audio, and 49 video meditations with new meditations being created every week.

The 5-minute versions of the audio meditations are all free. They can be accessed through the Meditations Tab at the top of the page or on the Patreon app under "Taketime Meditations."

To access meditations of 10-minutes and over, and to access the video meditations, a small subscription is required. Taketime is a charity and the subscriptions will help us to become self-funding.

To find out what a Taketime meditation is, click here.

To find out about the different membership levels on Patreon (which hosts the meditations), click here

- Note that Patreon subscriptions are currently taken on the first of the month, so if you subscribe at the end of a month, your payment will only last a few days, then a new payment will be taken at the start of the next month. We are working with Patreon to change this.

This week's meditation Spiritual food and drink is based on John chapter 6 verses 51-58.

 Note about the Taketime Apps "TAKETIME SPIRITUAL MEDITATIONS" on IOS and Android

These have been superseded by the Patreon App which offers far greater functionality as well as the opportunity to financially support the exciting work of Taketime in schools, prisons, churches etc.  The old apps are no longer supported by Spreaker and will shortly cease to function.

Training for Taketime Practitioners and for Schools Practitioners is now online, just click here to find out more

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