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During Lockdown why not join us for TAKETIME LIVE on Sundays at 10.00 am? 

Whilst we are unable to meet in groups we are broadcasting a Live meditation on Sundays at 10.00 am.  Just click here to join the broadcast, and click PLAY to listen (no need to sign up to the Mixlr app).  If 10.00 am is no good for you, catch up on the meditation later on the same link by selecting Showreel item. 

Some Taketime Together Groups continuing  online

Although groups cannot meet together because of social distancing, some are continuing online using conferencing apps like Zoom. Check on the Group tab  to see whether a group near you is offering on-line meetings.

The Taketime App "TAKETIME SPIRITUAL MEDITATIONS" is available on Android and IOS

Listed below are featured meditations from our Journey and Themed sections.

A new meditation is added every Monday.

Latest Journey Meditations

170. Lack of faith in Nazareth

Matthew chapter 13, verses 54-58

169. The kingdom of heaven

Matthew chapter 13, verses 31-35 & 44-50

168. Good seed and weeds

Matthew chapter 13 verses 24-30 & 36-43

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Themed Meditations on Rejection

170. Lack of faith in Nazareth

Matthew chapter 13, verses 54-58

164. Jesus and the ruler of demons

Matthew chapter 12, verses 22-32

163. Healing a man with a paralysed hand

Matthew chapter 12, verses 9-15

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