Shantha and Paul live in a small town called Chittoor in the province of Andhra Predesh. The main spoken languages here are Telugu and Tamil.

They run a registered charity known as Trinity Life Trust which has a two-fold ministry, Education and Evangelism. They run an English Medium school in Chittoor town, which has 150 students from the ages of 3 to 15. There are about 16 teachers working in the school and 10 Rural Community Development Coordinators (RCDCs). The RCDCs work with local communities helping them in practical ways and building relationships. They also run a gospel ministry in the village.

It is intended to use Taketime firstly in the school, with the 11-year-olds and above, as they speak English well enough at this age to be able to follow a meditation delivered in English.

As Shantha and Paul get used to using Taketime meditations and facilitating opportunities for the children to share their experiences, so they intend to extend its use and start translating meditations into the local language.

Shantha and Paul will be among the first students on the Taketime Online Primary Teachers Course in January 2021 and are both looking forward to using Taketime. We are very excited about this new area of work for Taketime, please pray for Shantha and Paul, for their ministry and for our partnership with them.