During a visit to a women’s prison with Clive, we met a woman who had been a heroin addict for many years. After she had shared something of her traumatic and painful past with us, Clive asked if he could pray with her, and with her consent, he did a short Taketime prayer.

When asked about her experience afterwards, she said it was like “a drug that makes you feel good, but it’s free and doesn’t harm you” and she also felt that for the first time in her life she was in the right place. She said she was able to share with Jesus what was on her mind, whereby his response was, “you’re here at last”.

I was overwhelmingly assured that through this simple meditative prayer this woman had met Jesus and found a place of peace even if for a moment amidst the challenges in her life.

Clive did this meditation with several women that day, and I was able to witness the palpable and powerful ways it could enable people with little or no faith to encounter Jesus without any preaching or teaching, but rather through merely being present with them in a space that felt calming and safe.


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