Donate - Taketime Funding Challenge

We are now in the third and final year of our Grant supported mission and we continue to flourish, guided by the Spirit.  Covid 19 has shown us how we can still continue to Worship from our own living room and Taketime and other Spirit-led projects have brought solace to all of us. So we take this opportunity to thank God as he continues to bless the Taketime project.

Some of you will know that we applied for a further Grant to develop a world-class website and app combination. This 'cross-platform product' will allow the project to deliver a much higher level of functionality so that Taketime can compete with leading Mindfulness products and could enable the whole project to become self-funding.

Due to the impact of Covid 19, all Methodist Church grant-giving this year has been cancelled.

However, God’s blessings continue to pour out upon Taketime and we already have sufficient pledges for the project to progress in the current form for 2021/22 (without the cross-platform product). This is without trying to raise any funds – such is God's amazing grace.


- pray for Taketime especially as we look for ways to introduce Taketime in other countries

- prayerfully consider whether you might be able to help us raise the £65,000 for the cross-platform product.

Any help you can give will go directly towards sustaining and developing this meditation resource and will be very gratefully received.  Your donation will come to Taketime but will be processed by Reigate Methodist Church where Taketime was first developed and where it is still supported.