Donate - and help Taketime reach a wider audience


We have now come to the end of our three years of Grant supported mission, and have begun the three-year transition from grant-funded to self-funded.

Over the last months, through your generosity and the generosity of the Methodist Church, God has blessed Taketime and given us the £50,000 that we estimate we need to see us through this transition. By September 2024 we hope to be self-funding.  To achieve this, we will need our combined income streams to equal our costs. The income will come from the following sources:

  • individual subscriptions through the Patreon App platform (our 5-minute meditations will always remain free to access)
  • training income from training Practitioners and Schools Practitioners
  • licenses from Churches and Schools to use our scripts, videos and publicity
  • donations (as we move towards becoming self-funding donations will be less important - though they will enable us to take Taketime to an increasingly  wide audience).

Please continue to pray for Taketime especially for the launch of our new apps on the Patreon platform, for the launch of our Schools training and for ways to introduce Taketime in other countries.

To make a donation now just click below (or contact us at

Any help you can give will provide essential funding, enabling Taketime to continue to grow, and will be very gratefully received.