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No religious knowledge or background is required to benefit from meditating in this way (see the Testimonials page)

You may simply feel relaxed after meditating or you may find that your encounter with Jesus has left you wanting to find out more.  There are a number of ways of finding out more, for example, the Books page contains a number of recommendations.

There are also websites such as which is the website of the Christian Enquiry Agency which is an agency of Churches Together in England.  It not only gives helpful information but also allows you to ask for prayer or enter into an email conversation.  Such a conversation comes with the following promise:

After you contact us, no one will telephone, visit, spam or bother you. We will only use the information you have given us to respond to what you have asked for.

If you wish to chat online to someone, there is a Christian organisation who you can chat to 24/7. To use this free service just click on Chatnow.

Taketime Together groups

Meditation does not always have to be a solitary exercise, and for some the experience of Taketime has developed into a desire to explore faith with others.

To meet this need, Taketime has developed Taketime sessions called Taketime Together.  These sessions typically consist of three parts.

  • a 20 to 30-minute Taketime Meditation,
  • Tea and Coffee and a chance to chat with others informally
  • a Time of Sharing

There is an opportunity to leave after each section, so you can leave after the meditation if you wish, or after the refreshments, or you can stay for all three sections.

The Time of Sharing is for anyone who would like to talk about their spiritual journey and look at the Bible passage on which the meditation was based.

It uses open questions inspired by the Godly Play “wondering” questions.  These questions enable people to share their experiences of the meditation if they wish.  The session then looks at the Bible text and allows people to share their reactions.  This is achieved using a simplified version of the practice of Lectio Divina, which requires no background knowledge and values all contributions equally.

An entire Taketime Together session time will typically last between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes, depending on the constraints of the group.  For example a lunchtime group may only have an hour to meet.

We are currently training leaders from right across the country to run Taketime Together sessions.

If you are interested in finding a group to join, please click on the Groups tab and if there is nothing near you at the moment please contact us.