Mental Health

Angel Wings

Never before have I thought about discussing my issues with Jesus!

I’m not a follower of God or Jesus, however I’m pretty spiritual when it comes to angels and the pagan traditions.

I was suffering daily with paranoia, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder and lots of other significant mental health issues.  Not only that, but I had not long entered the female prison estate and had no idea how to get through such a horrific time in my life. Sometimes I would be physically paralysed with fear in my cell.

Then one day a tap came on my door from Chaplaincy which changed so much for me.  Not in terms of turning to Christianity, but in the form of Taketime meditations.  I was desperate for any sort of help and was given a CD.  I was however, very dubious about talking to Jesus because I don’t believe.

When I played the CD I was so shocked at how relaxed I’d become just from the sound of a voice guiding me.  What came next, I was completely floored by.  As I was guided through the story, I saw Jesus. He spoke to me in such a calm manner, it was like I was sat with my best friend.  A huge sense of comfort filled me and Jesus told me I was being looked after by the angel Gabriel.  The angel appeared by my side in a bright light and wrapped his wings around me as an assurance that what Jesus was saying was true and accurate!

I didn’t want the meditation to end, it was as if something had been sorted out inside me.

Now whenever I feel I need a friend I quickly pop in the CD and am taken to a place where there is no judgement just calm love and support. 

From a woman prisoner with mental health problems and no Christian background.

Difficult times

The Wall

I have been in a very dark place.  In the meditation, Jesus took me to the bottom of a high wall and asked me to start climbing it.

I replied, “That’s impossible it’s so high!”

Then Jesus poked a brick out of the wall and said to me, “Look my child, see what’s on the other side!”

I looked through and saw everything Jesus is wanting to give me.

Jesus continued, “Start to climb my child your reward is waiting on the other side.  I will climb with you and hold your hand!”

It’s been a long hard slog but I’m getting there slowly with the help of these meditations.

From a Christian Youth Leader who was struggling with personal and family problems.  A few years on from this testimony, he is still using Taketime meditations, has overcome these problems.


I have somewhere I belong

Sometimes children are carrying heavy loads of unhappiness and really struggle in the school setting. This child was struggling at school and through his behaviour often expressed negative feelings. He appeared not to engage with the meditation, but the Holy Spirit was at work through the story and the opportunity to talk and listen to Jesus. After the class had shared their feelings, he coloured his sheet of paper with gentle pastel colours and wrote:

  • I feel happy
  • I feel comforted
  • I feel like I have somewhere I belong
  • I feel safe and calm
  • I feel cared for


Not being judged

I have never tried meditation before, and I wouldn’t say I know much about religion.

When the meditation began to tell me the story in relation to Jesus, I really enjoyed it as I never knew where to start with religion, but this allowed me to just be part of the story without knowing much about the background of Jesus.

A big fear for me is feeling judged about how much I know about religion that is why I don’t want to learn more but this was a nice, controlled environment that really let me just take in the story and learn a little more at the same time.

The meditation over all really was good, in the end I must say I did enjoy it and it did make me want to have another go and learn more about religion because it made me feel comfortable without having to feel intimidated by more knowledgeable people and a social event.

From an agnostic 19-year old man with no Church background.  

Finding Faith

Welcome Home

A few years ago, I had no belief or faith in God.

The doubting Thomas of a Church-going family, I’d heard about Taketime, but so far had done pretty well at avoiding it along with everything else associated with God. As a police officer, I couldn’t believe in something I’d not seen hard evidence for – and if God was real, he had a lot to answer for.

Things began to change though when I met a girl who I struggled to believe could exist without some kind of divine intervention. On our third date, I found myself suggesting we try a Taketime meditation together. The meditation painted this picture of Jesus walking along the shore of a big lake, inviting some fishermen to join Him. At the point in the meditation when Jesus sat down next to me, I was floored by this overwhelming sense of belonging. I was this tiny, insignificant person, and here was Jesus sat beside me, welcoming me.

Over the following weeks and months, I took a Christianity Explored course and read an amazing book called The Case for Christ, which blew away the big doubts I’d held before. I met the girl again and we prayed together, during which I asked God to come into my life.

I felt Him embrace me with the words “Welcome home”. When we’d finished praying, she said that she’d felt God ask her to tell me “Welcome home”. We got married about a year after that. As we moved into our first home together, we noticed a huge banner hanging all the way across the front of the Church opposite. It simply said, “Welcome home”. I like God’s style.

Since then, Taketime has continued to create space in both our lives for meeting with Jesus. Especially through tougher times, it’s an amazing blessing to be able to sit with Him in the midst of it all.

We’ve even shared Taketime with our home group. If you haven’t yet tried Taketime, I’d encourage you to try it now. There’s no telling where God will take you.

From a young man who grew up in a Christian family but could not find faith


Spiritual experience

We ran a Woman’s Retreat day called Body and Soul, and as part of the day we had a Taketime taster session, the feedback was incredible, people had powerful experiences of meeting with Jesus.

It was so amazing to see so many (about 40 people took part over 2 sessions) be encouraged and share their experiences.

I cannot recommend Taketime highly enough, it is helping many people to experience the presence of God in a real and meaningful way.

I should add, that at our church there is a slight reluctance at times to things of the Spirit and this has been a lovely gentle introduction into how the Spirit can help us meet with Jesus and be changed!.

From a Baptist Minister

Sharing faith

Incredible encounters

I’m a pioneer minister based in Southampton, where I lead Monty’s Community Hub, a fresh expression of church, community development charity and creative hub at the heart of the local neighbourhood and host a few mixed groups (with both Christians and people from an unchurched background).

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a massive THANKS again for the incredible gift of your Taketime meditations. I’ve just started using them with a new group this month, and once again they have helped to open up incredible encounters with Jesus. Thank you so much! Cheers, Jon

A Pioneer Minister leading a fresh Expression

Huge Impact

It’s always exciting

Working in schools as a Taketime Practitioner, I know that they can often be busy and stressful places.  So, having a Lunchtime Taketime group for the students in which they can reflect and find peace during the day makes a huge difference both for them and for me.

Just spending 20-minutes in meditation with Christ is powerful for reflecting on our emotions and finding rest. I also find the sharing time after the meditation really beneficial, and my favourite question is “I wonder where you saw yourself in the story.”

People have such interesting and unique responses, so it’s always exciting to hear each other’s varied experiences and understand that God is doing different things in different ways for everyone.

Taketime has also been a valuable part of my own faith journey, having had a huge impact on my understanding and connection with God.  Indeed, each meditation gives a new opportunity to explore my relationship with Him.

Emily trained as a Taketime Practitioner(Primary & Secondary Schools) and works in a Secondary School as a volunteer in the Chaplaincy department.