All other Taketime meditations are based on Bible passages, but this is a sample session or can be used for pastoral situations.

Sit and relax…

Try sharing this meditation with others by using the script below:

Picture yourself looking out across a great lake.

The sky is blue, the sun is warm and all you can hear are the seagulls above, and the water lapping around your feet.

There is no one around except for Jesus, see him as he walks towards you and hear him as he greets you by name.

By the water’s edge is a large flat rock and Jesus invites you to sit with him on the rock, looking out across the water.

Now he invites you to share with him in the silence of your heart, whatever is on your mind. Just take this opportunity now.

[wait about 25 seconds whilst praying for the person you are leading]

And now listen as Jesus responds to what you have shared. Hear him speak your name and be open to his response.

[wait about 15 seconds whilst praying]

Hold on to anything that Jesus has shared with you and very gently bring yourself back to this time and this place.

[Don’t ask people what they experienced, but perhaps ask if it was helpful. They may tell you if they want to, but their conversation was between them and Jesus.]

What next?

  • Relax, have a break, enjoy the sense of peace.
  • Try one meditation every day.
  • It is good to re-use a meditation until you feel that you have got the most out of it. You don’t need to use a new meditation every time.
  • If you want to talk to someone about your experience, visit the Faith page for details of who can help, or consider joining a Taketime Group.
  • Meditations are arranged to allow you to either find one by Theme, such as joy, bereavement or anxiety or to experience the stories in the order which the original writer intended, i.e. by Bible reference.
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