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Taketime Together Groups are an effective way of reaching beyond the Church and are easy to run.  Full training is offered for leaders, all the scripts are available and customisable publicity materials are available from

Although you can run a session with just one leader, it is better to share the task between two; one to lead the meditation and one to welcome people before they enter the room and then later to facilitate the sharing.  This way the two can support each other during the session, and mentor each other and pray together.

Many Churches have a team of people and run sessions on a rota basis.


Through his work as a prison chaplain, Rev Clive Mckie is very aware of the suspicions that those outside the Church have of the institution.  “Religion” is generally seen as unattractive despite an increasing recognition that we are spiritual beings.1

People often fear that Churches just want their money, their time and control of their beliefs.  Even a friendly invitation to attend a Church service may feel like being pressurised.

Also, it is easy for a Church meeting or Bible Study to become dominated by those who know most.  For those who know least, this can feel disempowering and unattractive.

There is no teaching and no Bible study in Taketime Together sessions because the aim is to provide a safe, compassionate, exploratory, non-directive, experiential space in which all are valued equally.

The focus is on enabling people to encounter Jesus directly through the meditations.  The result has often been life-changing (see Testamonials page) and it is this relationship with God, through Jesus, that Taketime Together focuses on and not the Church.

If your Church or Chaplaincy is in agreement with the Values at the bottom of the “Taketime Together Groups” page and you would like to know more, please click on the button below.

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1See "The Spirituality Revolution" by David Tacey