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About Us

This website has been created by Reigate Methodist Church in response to demand by those who have benefitted from the meditations.

Our minister, Clive, has developed these meditations through his work as a prison chaplain and through his work in our church.  The meditation sessions that run at Reigate Methodist Church are attended by people with a range of faith backgrounds, from those with none at all, to those who are committed Christians from a range of denominations.  All are welcomed and enjoy the sessions.

For many the meditations are primarily about experiencing a deep sense of healing peace, for some they have proved life changing.

The Methodist Church is one of the many mainstream churches that belong to “Churches Together in Britain and Ireland”.  As such it believes that Jesus is God’s source of salvation and that, as John Wesley, who founded Methodism said

  1. All people need to be saved.
  2. All people can be saved.
  3. All people can know they are saved.
  4. All people can be saved to the uttermost.

To find out more about how this all began see the Testimonials page.