At the beginning of 2020 we launched our Schools Training Course. Jane Bishop, who heads up our Schools Programme, visited a number of different schools and trained teachers how to use Taketime with primary aged children.

The pace of the schools training rollout has been impacted not only by the lockdown, but by the time that is required to deliver the training. Teachers are always busy and squeezing time in to receive training has been difficult. With the development of the online schools training, teachers will be able to complete the course in their own time over a longer period with several offline elements to complete with their own classes.

The course contains much of the Practitioners Online Training content but is tailored for teachers, specifically primary school teachers. Jane is a recently retired Deputy Head with many years’ experience as SENCO and RE Co-ordinator and has been perfectly positioned to ensure the course covers the necessary elements to prepare teachers to deliver Taketime to their classes.