It is my experience that when God’s hand is upon a project, the right people appear at the right time. The person I’m writing about has definitely been a blessing at the right time for the Taketime project. What is also great, is that it seems Taketime has been a real blessing to him too and continues to comfort him.

When he shared the testimony below, and when I listened to his podcast, I felt that it deserved to be shared. The gentleman wishes to remain anonymous but is very happy for this to be shared. Please read the paragraph below and listen to the remarkable message.

“Christmas Eve 2014 I was diagnosed with incurable cancer. They said I’d be dead in 9 to 18 months. In 2018 I was still alive and being treated but I was struggling. I went on a trip to Israel and while I was there something extraordinary happened. As I walked and wandered and waited I felt Jesus speak to me. Words of encouragement, comfort and challenge. It’s these words that I have recorded and share with you now with the hope that, in Him, you will find all you need, want and long for.”